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Celebrating Diwali with all…

Diwali at Kamathipura

Making Diwali truly inclusive.. (#Kamathipura , #Mumbai, #India)

By –
Ms. Gayatrri Borpatra Gohain
Chairperson, Shri Shri Sankardev Sewa Samiti.

Today, we were bestowed with the Almighty’s blessings to celebrate Deepawali with that section of the society, conveniently relegated to the unknown – comfortably and reasonably so, conscientiously forgotten by the society at large.
This Deepawali, Shri Shri Sankardev Sewa Samiti is pleased to partner with Mr. Vinay ji Vats of “Sai Foundation” to celebrate Diwali in a way that truly brings the people together. We are also thankful to Ms. Yogita Dalvi, Sr. Editor , Mumbai Tarun Bharat and social activist Ms. Smita Kavade for their support in furthering this cause!

A glimpse…

As part of the event, we arranged various programmes – few games included. Ram Bhajan, though initially seemed less engaging, was cherished by all long after it was done!

Game – Great Ice-Breaker!

Game – Promotes spirit of brotherhood and we-feeling
Ram Bhajan – Chanchal Man Nit Raam Japaa Kar
Game – Promotes agility and alertness of mind

This article and the activity infact, would remain incomplete without the mention of our Matrushakti in Kamathipura. Endless lives, endless struggles, endless stories – in the midst of this, the throbbing motherhood is hard to miss. In this cacophony of emotions, within the few hours I spent with my Ranjana didi (name changed) without my knowledge, I somehow transceded from Gayatrri Didi to Gayatrri Aapa (a name fondly given to me by my Matrushakti of Kamathipura) ! The tight hug, the earnest whisper in my ear , the sincerity in the voice, the honesty in her eyes I will nestle in my heart for a long long time!

The children rejoiced in the new clothes that they received as Diwali Gifts. The event drew to an end with the sweet distribution – the main attraction!
We , at Shri Shri Sankardev Sewa Samiti feel extremely humbled to have been able to render this service to have been able to celebrate this Diwali this special way!
Cant begin to thank our very many karyakartas working relentlessly in different fields. Here, special thanks to our dedicated karyakarta Shri Ravi ji Pardeshi for his sincere efforts without which, this activity would not have been this successful.
Last, but not the least, many many thanks to our co-sponsor, Ms. Neeta Ji Singhal for her generous contribution in making this initiative a grand success!

We look forward to many more of such collaborations for #Sewa to bring the Nation together and work towards #NationBuilding!

Vande Mataram!

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