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Book Distribution Drive – Step in Nation Building

Dated 22nd Feb 2020, Shri Shri Sankardev Sewa Samiti, Navi Mumbai Branch Organized for Book Distribution of #SaffronSwords, written by the most reputed writer/author, Ms. Manoshi Sinha Rawal. After being acclaimed a Bestseller, this book is now on its way to Hindi edition and a second edition to this will also soon appear. Saffron Swords cover 52 eminent Freedom Fighters whom we have wiped out of our consciousness and Ms Manoshi Rawal’s is an attempt to revive and pay homage to the immortal souls – the real architects of the Nation, our Bharat

This drive was sponsored by Dr. Rao, a philanthropist who dedicated this noble deed to commemorate his late maternal Grandma ANDAL AMMA an ardent devotee of Lord Surya who was given divine powers by the God to treat incurable diseases and his late mother Seetha Ramamma.

Our deep respect to the two Shaktis, who helped carve this patriotic citizen Dr. Rao for this Nation and the People. Shat shat naman!

The drive was conducted in two phases :-

  1. At Vivekanand Sankul, Navi Mumbai
  2. At Abhyas Varg, Vashi, Navi Mumbai

At Vivekanand Sankul, the principal also confirmed that a separate session of 30 minutes will be kept in which each day one personality will be covered. The students showed interest and awe, hard to hide 🙂 Pics will reveal that

The Second phase of the Distribution Drive was held at an Abhyasika, Vashi, Navi Mumbai a Free Education to all initiative run by alert citizens at a temple complex of Vashi, Navi Mumbai, where mostly children coming from less priviledged backgrounds are given free tuition and school revision aids. An initiative that started with a mere 8 (eight) students today, the abhyasika can boast of total of 70 students are enrolled. As part of the temple celebration, Mr. Ankan , temple trustee also organized for prasad bhog for all in the evening.

Shri Shri Sankardev Sewa Samiti is pleased to be associated in the foundation and running of this initiative too.

#SaffronSwords was distributed here to the students too and the students were extremely enthralled and a pledge was taken for a story reading session wherein one personality every 2 days will be covered. Needless to say, the children were in awe to even know that such valiant fighters existed.

Prasadam Bhog Distribution to the Students of the Abhyasika
Book Distribution Drive Venue – Abhyasika, Vashi, Navi Mumbai
Sponsored by – Dr. Rao.
Book Donated – Saffron Swords by Ms. Manoshi Sinha Rawal
Donation Drive Organized by – Shri Shri Sankardev Sewa Samiti

3 thoughts on “Book Distribution Drive – Step in Nation Building

  1. Thanks for giving me this credit and value. I am an ordinary mortal citizen of Bharat – our motherland; greately inspired by the tweets of Ma Gayatri ji who guided me to be part of this cause I am wedded. I am appreciative of all behind this service oriented Sankardevsamithi that has been undertaking yeomam service. Hats off to you all. ???

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    1. At the onset, sincere apologies for the delayed response.
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      Will certainly check your site too.

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      Good day!

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