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Corona Vs Collective Will

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Shri Ravi ji Pardeshi

Social Media Activist, Geopolitical & Geostrategic Analyst, 

Co-Spokesperson and Social Media in charge of Rashtriya Hindu Dalit Samiti (Maharashtra). 

Author with Israel Rising Magazine.


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        Although the situation is a little less gloomy when compared to some other countries of the world, we must not give it up and go off guard against this unseen enemy. Once the worst is over, we will still have to overcome the massive economic and social meltdown that we would face in fighting the new coronavirus. Help the government by diligently following the “21 Days Lockdown”. Do not let your guard down even otherwise as wise men say that precaution is always better than cure. And in this case we are yet to find a cure although “Ayurveda” looks very promising in giving us an answer to this global challenge.

       The worst and anti social thought process is that ” It wont happen to me”. Nobody is safe unless we all practice self imposed isolations, social/physical distancing and follow strict hygiene as an individual and as a society. Only and strictly follow guidelines issued by Local, State and Central authorities from time to time. Law enforcement agencies must also see to it that guidelines these guidelines are strictly and fully enforced. State must ensure to provide effective and workable sanitization protocols for on duty officers from the law enforcement and other essential civic and healthcare agencies who are doing a fantastic job in such times of crisis for our safety. They have families too. Hence please be appreciative and cooperative with them. Discourage and sensitise anyone who roadblocks our government agencies trying to help us taking a risk on their lives in these times of crisis.

       Government is no God and even God cant save you in this. The only safety is by practicing all safety guidelines provided by the healthcare department and local authorities. The Covid-19 Pandemic knows no boundaries, no religion, caste or social standing which our Hon. Prime Minister has also emphasized in his address to the Nation.

       Time is now calling to build a positive atmosphere and care for each other. We must understand that if we all continue to peddle gloom and despair then we will only make our social atmosphere more tensed. As many doctors have pointed out that Hypertension makes a person more susceptible to serious Covid-19 conditions and it is scientifically proven that Hypertension also leads to a variety of other diseases. Hence we must desist from spreading any negativity that could possibly be life threatening for innocent people of our country.

       As we enter the 11th Day of this Lockdown getting a little edgy is bound to happen but only if we think about the greater good this little pain would bring in, is when we can tide over our edginess. Following advisories by competent government authorities is also doing our “National Duty”.

      Our Hon. Prime Minister has tasked us with either lighting a diya, candle or flashing our mobile flashlights at 9 p.m today for 9 minutes and I think that this is a wonderful effort in showing our solidarity as a Nation to fight this global menace of coronavirus. Although there are many astrological explanations given to this call by many experts, without delving deep into those there is one thing that as a layman I can vouch for sure is that this little effort for 9 minutes that 130 crore people of our great country will put in today will definitely infuse a lot of Positivity in peoples hearts and mind and positivity is definitely the need of the hour.

     We are a country that has seen the worst that history could offer us but we came out victorious from all those gloomy days through our “collective will”. At 9 p.m. today the world will witness that same Collective Will of the 130 crore Bharatwasi in our fight against the Coronavirus and take inspiration from us. Bharat had always inspired the world with the sheer resilience of it’s people in the time of crisis and this time again it is not going to be any different. This collective will of our great country will become the collective will of the entire world.


Vande Mataram

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