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Understanding RSS with Uncoloured Lens

About the Author

Shri Ravi ji Pardeshi

Social Media Activist, Geopolitical & Geostrategic Analyst, 

Co-Spokesperson and Social Media in charge of Rashtriya Hindu Dalit Samiti (Maharashtra). 

Author with Israel Rising Magazine.


E-Mail[email protected] 

Twitter:  http://@RaviPardeshi5


 (Originally written in June 2018)


If you cannot go to any RSS Shakha then befriend a Swayamsevak.

Many people including me were ignorant about the work RSS does. I grew up only knowing that the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh is a Hindu-Nationalist organization. I still don’t know a lot of historic events associated with the RSS. However iam always all praise for the RSS despite growing up in a ghetto where I had never met a swayamsevak for a good 3 decades of my life. I am the toughest nut to crack as far as pleasing is concerned. So what makes RSS so appealing to me??

It is nothing but the “CONDUCT” of the Swayamsevaks that I met online opened the gates of my heart. This Conduct comes from “DISCIPLINE” something that is lacking in our young generation. We often talk about our country being a country of youngsters. What we have and others don’t is the sheer power and brilliance of our youths. However if a power is not a disciplined power then it turns into a negative,dangerous and self destructive power. Earlier we had the grandparents handholding their grandchildrens in their first baby steps towards Desh and Dharma. 

However nowadays parents are busy running the rat race and grandparents glued to the soap operas. Schools have been reduced to Academics and colleges into an Ideological Warzone. It is this lack of social structure that we see our own kids chanting “Bharat tere tukde hoge hazaar” not realizing that many of our braves got blown into pieces to protect every so called “tukda” for these anti nationals and for me my mother. I know it is not easy for everyone to break their busy schedules as the modern day Bhagat Singhs and Savarkars are busy fighting the economic fight. However the least you could do is make friends with a “Swayamsevak”. You can belong to any race, religion, sect etc etc but it doesn’t matter to them. If you want to befriend them then all it takes is for you to connect on 1 topic and that is Nationalism. You can have end number of differences with them on issues but do give them a chance to explain their stand. I strongly feel that anyone who befriends a “Swayamsevak” would get mesmerized with their Conduct and that will wash off all the false narrative built by Anti-Nationals who only want to serve our motherland back to the colonizers.


Vande Mataram.

One thought on “Understanding RSS with Uncoloured Lens

  1. Quite an absorbing writeup by Shri Ravi Pardeshi ji baring out the face if RSS and it’s karyakartas. I appreciate the efforts put in by the author of this piece as it explains in totally the ideological backdrop of yeoman services being rendered by this body with no expectations nor political leanings. Last seen was the real RSS during Kerala floods when it’s sainiks went all out to serve the deprived against all odds braving their own lives. Please do keep writing more and more highlighting detailed activities being undertaken by this most misundersood outfit. Well done young man. Good luck.

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